Single Malt

Unlike a traditional Malted Barley this single malt is 100% malted red wheat. Our special yeast lends a sweet syrup flavor finishing with fruity undertones. This makes for a unique flavorful whiskey.



Predominantly sweet corn from Eastern Colorado, a pie slice of Colorado white winter wheat, and finished off with a bail of barley. This whiskey presents underlying tones of maple syrup and is highlighted by a nutty vanilla nose and a buttery finish.



70% Rye followed by corn and bushell of red winter wheat imparts a mildly spiced whiskey with a brown sugar toffee end.



Wheated vodka - Three times distilled through our 16 plate vodka column lends to a clean taste with a hint of sweet vanilla flavor - unlike most Vodkas this spirit can be served without a mixer.



Vapor distilled with our unique ten botanical recipe this floral gin has soft juniper beginnings followed by rich floral and a citrus finish.

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